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 clan jutsus(all 4 of them)

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Rashro Clan Leader
Rashro Clan Leader

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clan jutsus(all 4 of them) Empty
PostSubject: clan jutsus(all 4 of them)   clan jutsus(all 4 of them) Icon_minitimeTue Feb 24, 2009 6:05 pm

romaji clan

(just change diamond to gem for each branch)

Diamond blade jutsu
effects: turns right arm into a diamon blade

Diamond sheild jutsu
effects: turns left arm into a diamond sheild

Diamond pillars mirage jutsu
effects: 5 pillars made of diamond pop out of the ground

gem spear jutsu
effects: Summons a spear made of diamond that is throwen at the foe

gem Needles mirage jutsu
effects: sends 10 needles made of diamond at the foe

gem tail jutsu
requirements: romaji clan member
effects: create a tail made of diamond that can deflect anything, also can help to lift ppl above the ground , and it can go under ground, only be destroyed by an expolsive note or time limit of 3 posts runs out
length of tail is 3ft long

gem wave jutsu
rank: a
requirements: romaji clan member,
effects: a bunch ofgem broken up creating a wave that stads ppl as they get hit by it meanwhile the user is riding on it but has to focus charka in feet to ride on the wave

Secret Jutsu: gem Dragon Creation Jutsu
effects: creates a gem dragon that user controls

gem wing creation jutsu
rank b
Requirements a romajin clan member
Effect wings made of diamond spourt from the users back allowing him to fly this last 7 posts

diamond snake jutsu
rank: a
requirements: romaji clan member
effects: user creates giant gem snake and can control

Secret Jutsu:Tri-HeadedDiamond Dragon Creation Jutsu
effects: three romaji clan members combine their strengths to make a three headed dragon made of gems that can control
drawback: they all control one head and to move it they have to it at the same time


wanizame clan

name: shark missile
rank: genin
Charka: 30
requirements: shark manipulator
effect: sends rocks or water in the shape of sharks at the foe

name: shark tooth spikes
rank: genin
Charka: 40
effect: spikes made of shark teeth pop out of the ground

name: shark blast
rank: genin
Charka: 30
effect: user shoots a blast of charka in the shape of a shark at the foe

name: human shark transformation jutsu
rank: genin
Charka: 40
effect: user gains shark like traits

name: shark human transformation jutsu
rank: genin
effect: users shark gains human like traits

water style- Water shark missle
rank: genin
Charka: 50
effect: a water version of the regular shark missle

name: shark torpendo
rank: chunin
Charka: 70
effect: sends a boulder or water at the foe in the shpae of a torpendeo w/ a sharks head(is basically a stronger and faster version of the shark missle)

name: shark wave
rank: chunin
Charka: 90
effect: a gaint wave in the shape of a shark goes at the foe (the wave gains elemental charka when u get ur element)

name: shark Frenzy
rank: chunin
Charka: 100
effect: the users shark(s)go in2 a feeding frenzy on their foe

name: shark Torpendo mirage
rank: jonin
Charka: 200
effect: send up 2 10 shark torpendos at the foe

name: shark tooth cannon
rank: jonin
Charka: 150
effect: user shoots giant shark teeth at the foe

name: shark skin armor
rank: jonin
Charka: 300
effect: shark skin combineed w/ charka forms around the user protecting user from several atk (if the user touchs the skin that get scratched)

shark clone
rank jonin
charka:100 (+ 50 4 ea additional clone u make)
effect:a sharkman clones appear

shark aura blast
rank jonin
charka 350
effects: a aura appears around user and blasts the foe w/ it in the shape of a shark

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Rashro Clan Leader
Rashro Clan Leader

Posts : 18
Join date : 2009-02-23
Location : you may never know

clan jutsus(all 4 of them) Empty
PostSubject: Re: clan jutsus(all 4 of them)   clan jutsus(all 4 of them) Icon_minitimeTue Feb 24, 2009 6:06 pm

kyoryuu clan
name dino blade
rank genin
Effects a blade made out of dinosaur bones forms in ur hand the blade is as hard as steel

name dino rampage
rank jonin
Requirements stegosaur/triceratop/ raptor/
Effects users dino goes berserk n charges multiple times at the foe as fast as lightning

name bracho quake
rank jonin
Requirements brachosaur
Effects users brachosaur stomps n makes a large earthquake that makes the earth cave in underneath the foe makin a large crater

name tricrea charge
rank chunin
Requirements triceratops
Effects users ticeratops charges at the foe twice w/ great w/ the use riding it

name raptor call
rank genin
Requirements raptor
Effects illionists of a group of raptors atk the foe n well the foe is thinkin hes bing a atked by a group the real one is feedin off him/her if commanded to

name T-hammer
rank kage
Requirements T-rex
Effects users T-rex transforms into a giant hammer than the user can use to level a whole village or obliberate ther foe

name pteranodon glider
rank genin
Requirements pteranodon
Effects users pteranodon transform into like a glider that user can use as both a way to fly n a way to atk

name tricera sheild
rank chunin
Requirements triceratops
Effects users triceratops transform into a sheild that can block many attacks mainly taijutsu n good against ninjutsus this lasts 3 atk posts

name ankylo club
rank chunin
Requirements ankylosaurus
Effects the ankylosaurus transforms into a club simialr to its tail that the user can use to make craters or break bones

name Carno blend
rank kage
Requirements Carnotaurus
Effects user becomes invible for 2 posts (user is using the carnotaurus chameolon ability)


subeta clan

rank genin
requirements 3 blades
effects the 3 blades r aligned 2 make a triangle than glows and blats the foe w/ a triangle blast this is the 1 form of blade blast

blade art : twin blade dance
rank genin
requirements 2 blades
effect users makes a twin blades swing around quickly then sends foe in the air than slash foe down 2 the ground

dancing twin earth blades
2 blades/ subeta clan/ earth charka
user sends twin blades in2 the earth than has them spin underground than come out of the earth w/ the collected earth n atk the foe (when it does this is looks like the blade r dancing when they atk)

chunin ranked
Blade Art: 5 star blade sheild
rank chunin
requirements 5 blades
effect user aligns blades in2 a 5-pionted star shape than glows making a sheild that protects user from frontal atks this is best against long range atks

blade art: Hex-blast of destruction
rank chunin
requirements 6 blades
effect the blades align in2 a hexagon shape than blast an atk that is twice as strong as the triangle blade blast

blade dance of the moon
subeta clan jutsu (5-16 blades)
user sends blades at the foe in the shape of the moon then it glows bright that can blind the emeny 4 2 posts
the user can follow this up w/ any type of battle style w/ the blades
this technique works best under the moon

jonin ranked jutsus below

Ninjutsu art: 16 blade blast of destruction
rank jonin
requirements 16 blades
effects users 16 blades algin 2 from a star w/ a circle around than blades glow from users charka than blasts the foe w/ a powerful blast

(wind)16 blade art : blade tornado jutsu
rank jonin
charka 400
effects 16 blades start spinning really fast making like a tornado of blades

(depends on users 2 elements) secret blade art: blade blast of the elements
rank: jonin
requiement 16 blades any 1 to 2 type of charka nature
effect blades align in2 a sphere shape user focuses the charka nature in2 the blades than it glows brightly color depends on users element(s)
the atk is strong enough 2 take out 1/2 of a large training area but this can only b used once a fite
drawback takes up alot of charka 2 use

meteor blades
rank jonin
transforms users blades into blades made of meteor materials making them harder n stronger than normal blades

secret summoning jutsu: blade dragon
rank jonin
requirements contract scroll and 16 blades
effects summons up a dragon w/ wings that r hard as refined steel and uses them as blade these dragons can also transform in2 blades as well
the bigger the dragon the stronger the blade
ea jonin member of the clan can have up 2 4 blade dragons and no more
but can only summon 1 blade dragon at a time
ea dragon has different abilities
they can also fire blades from ther mouths
when the dragon is summoned users 16 blades r used 2 summon it along w/ the blood
appearnace of the 1s i use
1. clan jutsus(all 4 of them) DarkDragon-1(atk dragon)
2. clan jutsus(all 4 of them) Blue-EyesWhiteMetalDragon(speed dragon)
3. clan jutsus(all 4 of them) MetalDragon(defense/tank dragon)
4. clan jutsus(all 4 of them) Dorugoramon(balance type/king of blade dragons)
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clan jutsus(all 4 of them)
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